Wooden Zeppelin Over DOX

Zeppelin DOX Prague

The DOX gallery has completed yet another crazy project: Gulliver. Perhaps you remember the red skull rotating over the roof?

Zeppelin DOX Prague

Now you find there a huge Zeppelin that looks really impressive, like stranded on the structure.

Gulliver was made from wood and steel and has a length of 42 metres and a width of 10 metres, with a room for events inside.

The airship will open to the public on December 11-12.

Tip: The airship Gulliver has a special mention in my VoiceMap audio tour.

Source of the photos

Unfortunately, the DOX has been exceptionally unhelpful in their response to my request to visit that Zeppelin: You basically are required to pay them for promoting them, and even then you may use own photos taken there only on personal and non-commercial blogs, the spokesperson wrote. So, to be on the safe side, I use here the images from their official press information. Hoping that some Prague PR professionals will be a bit more open and relaxed in future.

In memoriam: The red skull.

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