Woman Took Photos of (Almost) All Prague Metro Stations in 13 Hours

If you like Prague’s metro, you will love the photos of Kate Seabrook. She spent 13 hours taking pictures of metro stations – more than any other tourist. Her final verdict sounds positive:

My general perception of the Prague metro was that it was much cleaner, safer and more reliable than I was expecting and not a bad place to spend 13 hours taking photos.

Unfortunately, she missed out on Národní třída, which is currently under construction. And, wasn’t there a rumour about a secret fourth line that was once built as escape route for the government? Not all that strange, if you consider the countless bunkers connected to metro stations…

If you like mystery stories, then read about the secrets of Prague’s metro. (part 2)

The former metro station "Jiřího Paroubka", previously a Czech prime minister and now allegedly the mayor of Springfield. Source: Uncyclopedia

The metro station “Jiřího Paroubka”, dedicated to a former Czech prime minister who is now allegedly the mayor of Springfield (according to state-of-the-art face recognition software). Image: Uncyclopedia


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