Wild Boar’s Assault on Prague Hilton an Act of Revenge?

Wild boar ragout in Prague Hilton - offered in March, revenged in July

Illustrative image. By: keveemonterey

The Czech News Ageny ČTK reports that yesterday a wild boar has swum across the Vltava river, devastated the lobby of the Hilton hotel (possibly an act of revenge for the Homemade Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragout and Chanterelle Cream Sauce?) and continued towards Prague downtown.

Well… no. Didn’t look like that. By: Luigi Anzivino

A police officer is reported to have then saved a mother with her pram by blocking the animal’s ballistic trajectory with his motorcycle.

Only much later some more officers have jointly managed to overwhelm the boar, which had to be tranquillized with three injections.

EDIT: Video footage from CCTV is now available.

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