Urinals With Headrests

The pub U vystřelenýho oka in Prague’s most rugged quarter Žižkov bears not only an unusual name – The Shot-Out Eye.

A self-portrayal on their website tells us:

The beer here is of standard quality, the cuisine is with a few exceptions below average, wine from Moravian vineyards, so perhaps we can praise only the well-chilled Finish vodka with lime. The staff is ironic or even sarcastic, at times slightly squiffy.


A headrest with a name on it.

One of the main attractions of this former venue of dissidents during cold-war times is hidden in the back rooms. If you stay to have some beers in the busy premise or outside in the garden, chances are fifty-fifty that you sooner or later encounter it as a matter of nature, and nearly face-to-face:

I am talking about the legendary urinals with headrests.

I have seen many crazy ideas for restrooms, but this one is for sure the prime example for a beer-bred genius put into practice. And the design is not just any functional, sterile rubber bolster. They are certainly no faceless artifacts. Like so many other items in the pub, they are works of art.

They are the tangible proof of Dionysian inventiveness.

Urinals with headrests

The man in the middle has no headrest. He can, however, rest his head on one of his neighbors’ shoulders.

They embody the urinal in perfect harmony with the human being during the very moment of his unification with the universe. So to speak the gestalt of the urinal.

Have some beers there and try to refute me.


EDIT: This calls for trouble: The headrests are also registered as U.S. Patent.

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