The Traditional “Candle Sauce Dinner”

candle sauce meal - source:

The original candle sauce – enjoy!
sauce 😉

The consumer electronics store Alza sells a bag that you may not be able to fully appreciate if you don’t understand some words of Czech. So here we go: “Svíčková” is one of the very traditional Czech dishes, based on beef with a creamy sauce, and usually combined with dumplings.1Not sure if this is part of the definition but I have never encountered any other side dish. BTW: “Side dish” is sometimes translated as “attachment”. We are living in the computer age. You often find it on “budget” lunch menus in traditional Czech restaurants all over the country.

This word could theoretically stem from “svíčka”, that is “candle”. I assume that the term’s etymology actually points to another explanation. But, at least, it makes a funny (and probably computer-generated) translation for English menus. And so the “candle sauce” found its way into the TV show “Peklo na talíře” (“Hell on a plate” – start watching at 2’00”) that seeks to improve the Czech cuisine by exposing bad practice and raising awareness about the fact that culinary culture doesn’t stop at the edge of the plate.

Dobrou chuť!

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