The Prague Fashion Look

After a long time of having been absorbed by work, I barely manage to post one snapshot: The “Fashion Look” trash can.

The Prague Fashion Look 2012

While I am definitely not into fashion, I am regularly bewildered by many Prague men’s apparent need to display their disdain for their own visual appearance, particularly compared to their female counterparts who would ‘no way!’ be accepted being pregnant with a beer belly or wearing their droopy pants at half-mast so that following citizens are bothered by the nauseating view of their amorphous butts.

A similar critique – and here too to be understood as a cry for improvement, not a rant – could target the way how the city is kept. Prague is, no doubt, a belle among the world’s major towns but sometimes I feel it is not treated by its inhabitants the way you should treat your home. Maybe this results from the old communist-era habit of sucking off all value from public property that was believed to represent the despised rulers, and then to take pleasure in seeing degenerate what you cannot own.

Why on earth do Prague people let cars take over their town centre and clog up its medieval lanes?

Prague is like a chain-smoking supermodel.

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