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Auto auf Treppe

Satnav Sends German Car On a Staircase

A romantic trip through snowy Prague has ended with an unexpected adrenaline rush, Metro reports. Apparently, some satnav devices are not quite ready for the intricate road layout of Prague.   Source of photo:...

Do-It-Yourself Public Transport

On Tuesday, passengers lent a hand to push-start their tram. The train (model Škoda 15T, weighing 42 metric tons) had stopped exactly at a dead point between two overhead wires.  

Well-Intentioned One-Way Road

Also in Prague, one-way roads are increasingly made accessible to bicycles in both directions. No doubt, a commendable step. Looking at the street signs, however, something doesn’t feel quite right…

The Eyes of Law That Never Sleep

The Municipal Police of Prague would like to remind all drivers that even a gas explosion does not prevent them from punishing traffic offenders. Note: The authenticity of this announcement and of the photo...

Bike to Heaven

Now you can contribute to a new memorial for Jan Bouchal – “Bike to Heaven” by Krištof Kintera. The organizers say they still need around Kč200,000 (roughly US$10,000) for silver-coating the lamp post, transport...

X-Mas Timetable

The town hall has to save money. And where better to do that than on public transportation. This timetable, however, looks rather absurd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKsM5YRWa9Y

Kafka on Prague, Revisited

Artists call them claws while drivers use to call them wheel clamps. Poster by reSITE

A Bus Route With a Loop

I owe this one to Ropid: They have discovered a Prague bus line (108) from Bílá Hora to Veleslavín where you – instead of 5 minutes – go 23 minutes, the reason for it...