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A Special Request

As you probably know, I don’t make money from this blog. If you have enjoyed reading the posts, I would be glad …

Random Observations: Weekends in Prague

Every weekend large parts of Prague turn into ghost towns. This is particularly visible when a public holiday is close and people bridge that gap by taking leave. Normally busy streets look like a town after evacuation, and in usually dense rows of parked cars only here and there one vehicle remains.

Don’t ever enter a Czech flat with your shoes on. No matter how hole-riddled your socks are.

→ December 21, 2012

Prague’s Bogus Super Hero

One year ago, Prague’s petty crime scene was profoundly shaken up by a local super hero who intervened at the grass-roots level …

Air Raid Sirens

Every first Wednesday of the month at noon, public life in the Czech Republic is absorbed by the wailing of air raid …

The Prague Fashion Look 2012

The Prague Fashion Look

After a long time of having been absorbed by work, I barely manage to post one snapshot: The “Fashion Look” trash can.