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Allrounder ferryman in Prague


This man is a real all-rounder:  masseur, psychologist, therapist and ferryman. You can use his services in Prague on the river Vltava between Praha-Sedlec and Praha-Zámky – just down the hill from the famous...

What is a “Fíra”?

Maybe not what you think. In the “railway slang” it means “metro driver”, as you can read on this job advertisement.

Do-It-Yourself Public Transport

On Tuesday, passengers lent a hand to push-start their tram. The train (model Škoda 15T, weighing 42 metric tons) had stopped exactly at a dead point between two overhead wires.  

What the Prague Metro Can Learn From Submarines

Since I have an appointment today in another part of Prague, I am thinking about ways how the Prague transport authorities could solve the problem with flooded metro tunnels in the most elegant manner.

Crowded: 225 Students in a Bus

Instead of the regular 150 passengers, students of the University of Agriculture in Prague managed to cram 225 people into a bus of the line 107. This event was not only fun but also...

Woman Overrun Twice by Metro

This drunken woman fell on the tracks at the station Hůrka and was overrun twice by metro trains. Surprisingly, she didn’t even notice it (just like the drivers) and got away entirely without injuries.

Smartphone App for Fare Dodgers

A typical encounter in Prague: Men in plain clothes waiting at the stairs or in the foot tunnels of metro stations, or walking through the trams to inspect tickets. Alone in Prague there are...