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Rock Sorting Robot

A Robot With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

This is probably one of the world’s least useful robots: A machine that sorts 7,000 stones by type and age. The classification is based on the dominant color, the color composition, and histograms of...

Open-Air Office in the Park

The people behind the project “Pracovna v parku” plan to establish an outdoor office space in the park Riegrovy Sady. All you need for your work under trees is a table, a chair, electricity and Wi-Fi, the initiators say.

More Guerrilla Knitting

The Knitting Guerrilla of Prague struck again! I’m adding four more recent photos about non-violent Knitting Wars in Prague.

Gorilla @ Wikipedia

An accident? Suicide? Murder?

The 5-year-old gorilla Tatu was found dead in the Prague zoo. Cause of death: strangulation with a rope. Witnesses: Kamba. It is unclear how the events with the tragic ending unfolded. The zoo does...