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Without Pants in the Prague Metro

Prague has once more joined the No Pants Subway Ride. On 8 January 2017, freezing temperatures could not stop the handful of enthusiasts from taking the cold ride on the metro, starting from the...

What is a “Fíra”?

Maybe not what you think. In the “railway slang” it means “metro driver”, as you can read on this job advertisement.

Race the Tube in Prague

The attempt to beat the Prague metro on foot has failed with only a few seconds behind. The race took place between the stations Hůrka and Nové Butovice on line B (the yellow line),...

The Right to a Seat

Viral video recorded in the Prague metro. I think you can enjoy it even without understanding the language.

What the Prague Metro Can Learn From Submarines

Since I have an appointment today in another part of Prague, I am thinking about ways how the Prague transport authorities could solve the problem with flooded metro tunnels in the most elegant manner.

Woman Overrun Twice by Metro

This drunken woman fell on the tracks at the station Hůrka and was overrun twice by metro trains. Surprisingly, she didn’t even notice it (just like the drivers) and got away entirely without injuries.