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Poullet Beef Burgers

Something you don’t eat every day: “Poullet Beef” burgers. Is this going to be some kind of beef from a poulet? Nope. It is trhané maso z hovězího krku and therefore pulled beef. I...

One Black Tea With Milk … Jardo, pojď sem!

Great campaign! I have experienced that so many times.

For the bonus laugh: Turn on the auto-generated subtitles.

If you speak some Czech, you might have noticed that Czechs sometimes address Vietnamese informally while they, on the other hand, naturally expect to be addressed formally.

Bug or Feature?

The English word “about” has many meanings, one of them being “approximately” – in Czech: “přibližně”.

Sheep with “Narcotic Melodies”

Quoting Alza: Attractive stuffed lamb with integrated lights and three narcotic melodies. LED lights can be activated by pressing the little bodies of animals. Poor little light easily help a child fall asleep or...

The Parsley Affair

The soup bar Dobrá Polévka (‘Good Soup’) has gained dubious fame after they have published four photos of their dishes on their Facebook page1 that visitors have ridiculed as being over-decorated with parsley. The...

Some Translation Trouble

When foreigners use the Czech language, results can be quite funny. I remember that I was once talking about a good friend and his girl. Tragically, I chose the wrong word for girl. These...

Occasional Loss of Temper

People here sometimes resort to strong language when it is absolutely unnecessary and at occasions where you would not expect it. On the image above, tenants used the house caretaker’s notice about office hours...

The Proxy War of Language Teachers

Every now and then, it happens again: I talk to Czechs in my broken Czech and they reply in their broken English – probably assuming that their broken English is still better than my...