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Narcissus for Václav Klaus

There is a group on Facebook inviting people to lay down daffodils in the centre of Prague on March 7.

Graffiti Shopping List

Artistic expression or vandalism? Or a new trend to use walls as notepads? This one from Berlin is particularly weird – a van advertising removal of graffiti.

Havel’s Heritage Pronounced Dead

The new president will be Miloš Zeman. Václav Klaus commented on the result that “Truth and love defeated lie and hatred”. By “lie and hatred” he meant not only Zeman’s opponent Schwarzenberg – who...

Havel's Heart at the European Parliament, from EP @ Flickr

Havel’s Heart in Brussels

Havel’s neon heart from the Prague castle can now be seen in Brussels at the EU Parliament. “Truth and love must win over lies and hatred!” – was the motto of Václav Havel, the...

‘Short Trousers Day’ for Václav Havel

How will you honour the late president of the Czech Republic and one of the key figures of the Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel, on the anniversary of his death? His supporters suggest to wear short trousers.

Airport Prague, by Hynek Moravec at Wikipedia

Precognition Triggers Police Operation at Prague Airport

It happened on Wednesday, February 14, 2007. The police marched up at the Prague Airport Ruzyně, with automatic weapons, in bullet-proof vests, in armoured cars, and supported by specialists from the bomb squad. This...