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poullet beef menu translation Prague

Poullet Beef Burgers

Something you don’t eat every day: “Poullet Beef” burgers. Is this going to be some kind of beef from a poulet? Nope. It is trhané maso z hovězího krku and therefore pulled beef. I...

Camel Balls, filled with liquid

Camel Balls, Extra Sour And Liquid Filled

It’s Halloween, somebody rings at your door, you open and see a bunch of kids shouting: “Trick or treat!” So what do you give them? Tricks? Treats? Or both?

The Parsley Affair

The soup bar Dobrá Polévka (‘Good Soup’) has gained dubious fame after they have published four photos of their dishes on their Facebook page1 that visitors have ridiculed as being over-decorated with parsley. The...

Eat Your King

How about updating the “King Pie” to a “President Pie”?

The Notorious ‘Pigeon Squadron’

When I was still working as a journalist I have had several encounters with the infamous Pigeon Squadron. Journalists and organizers of press conferences in Prague alike fear the raids of this informal group...

Drowned Men with Onion and Bread

If you work in a morgue, you may have experienced drowned people as something that doesn’t look quite yummy. Thanks to Czech black humor, however, the same name is applied to a dish: a...