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The Homeless Millionaire

František Václavek is probably one of the world’s few homeless millionaires – not because of the weak Czech currency but because his legitimate property is still to be released by the authorities. Four years...

Street Art

“My father is a terrorist” – confessed in Prague 7.

Kafka on Prague, Revisited

Artists call them claws while drivers use to call them wheel clamps. Poster by reSITE

Prague’s Bogus Super Hero

One year ago, Prague’s petty crime scene was profoundly shaken up by a local super hero who intervened at the grass-roots level to fight parking offenders, smokers, people urinating in public and dog owners...

Airport Prague, by Hynek Moravec at Wikipedia

Precognition Triggers Police Operation at Prague Airport

It happened on Wednesday, February 14, 2007. The police marched up at the Prague Airport Ruzyně, with automatic weapons, in bullet-proof vests, in armoured cars, and supported by specialists from the bomb squad. This...

Gorilla @ Wikipedia

An accident? Suicide? Murder?

The 5-year-old gorilla Tatu was found dead in the Prague zoo. Cause of death: strangulation with a rope. Witnesses: Kamba. It is unclear how the events with the tragic ending unfolded. The zoo does...

Travel Agency Offers Tours to Discover Corruption

I love those initiatives with a healthy dose of irony and black humor that lend a voice to people’s minds where democracy tries to silence them. The latest is CorruptTour, a “tour operator” that...