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Dished Up

An extraterrestrial object on a roof in Prague, by Jakub Geltner.   EDIT: The item at Prague Veletržní palác (back side):

Flash Mobs in Prague

I wonder why so many flash mobs in Prague have chosen the ridiculously beautiful interior of the central railway station as their stage.

Graffiti Shopping List

Artistic expression or vandalism? Or a new trend to use walls as notepads? This one from Berlin is particularly weird – a van advertising removal of graffiti.

Bike to Heaven

Now you can contribute to a new memorial for Jan Bouchal – “Bike to Heaven” by Krištof Kintera. The organizers say they still need around Kč200,000 (roughly US$10,000) for silver-coating the lamp post, transport...

Havel's Heart at the European Parliament, from EP @ Flickr

Havel’s Heart in Brussels

Havel’s neon heart from the Prague castle can now be seen in Brussels at the EU Parliament. “Truth and love must win over lies and hatred!” – was the motto of Václav Havel, the...

A Presidential Candidate. But not the Usual One.

Czech composer and painter Prof. JUDr. Vladimír Franz looks slightly different than what one would expect of a presidential candidate. His body is allegedly entirely covered by tattoos. Yesterday the 53-year-old announced that he...

Czech Transformer for the Olympics

The Czech artist David Černý, creator of the upside-down horse and other controversial pieces like the babies crawling up the Prague TV tower, decided to send an ironic message to the Olympic Games in...

The Sounds of Prague

Thanks to a radio report I came across an interesting project where people can submit their favourite sounds of Prague. I find it amazing particularly since sound is rarely used on websites and blogs....

Defiant Street Artist Faces Prison

The artist Roman Týc has reportedly learned from media that he is due to prison next week because of his alteration of Prague traffic lights. The reason for this harsh punishment is his defiance...