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Zeppelin DOX Prague

Wooden Zeppelin Over DOX

The DOX gallery has completed yet another crazy project: Gulliver. Perhaps you remember the red skull rotating over the roof? Now you …

Flying object in Dlouha trida street, Prague

Flying Goggles

Found above Dlouhá street in Prague. What actually is it?   EDIT: I received a reply on twitter: @weirdprague it's from Roxy …

TV Tower and Hotel Ještěd

Czech Hotels in TV Towers

Opinions differ about the aesthetic value of Prague’s TV tower but hardly anyone can deny that it has become a landmark in …

Peeing statues in Prague

The Peeing Statues

In the courtyard of the Hergetova cihelna (now housing the Franz Kafka Museum) you find two bronze statues who are peeing into …

Franz Kafka Monument Prague

7 Weird Facts About Kafka

1. Kafka was a vegetarian and took interest in gardening Kafka was a vegetarian for health and ethical reasons. But: Although Kafka …

red pants on prague castle (

Red Shorts Hoisted on Prague Castle

The political artist group “Ztohoven” has hoisted red boxer shorts on Prague castle, replacing the official Czech flag, to protest president Zeman’s …

Street Art

“My father is a terrorist” – confessed in Prague 7.

The Cross Club Clockworks

The phantastic clockworks outside the Cross Club in Prague Holešovice have fascinated me from the first moment I saw them. You probably …

Dished Up

An extraterrestrial object on a roof in Prague, by Jakub Geltner.   EDIT: The item at Prague Veletržní palác (back side):

Flash Mobs in Prague

I wonder why so many flash mobs in Prague have chosen the ridiculously beautiful interior of the central railway station as their stage.

Graffiti Shopping List

Artistic expression or vandalism? Or a new trend to use walls as notepads? This one from Berlin is particularly weird – a …

Bike to Heaven

Now you can contribute to a new memorial for Jan Bouchal – “Bike to Heaven” by Krištof Kintera. The organizers say they …

Havel's Heart at the European Parliament, from EP @ Flickr

Havel’s Heart in Brussels

Havel’s neon heart from the Prague castle can now be seen in Brussels at the EU Parliament. “Truth and love must win …