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smashing window shopping 0

Smashing Window Shopping

This window sticker might inadvertently inspire customers to use their classy bag as a tool to smash the glass. And that lady certainly does it with verve!

Sad Tourist Bus

What a refreshing contrast to all those companies in the tourism industry that promise happy customers!

New “Akce Praha” Ahead?

So the Minister of Interior has proclaimed to recruit thousands of police officers in 2014. Can we hope to see another recruitment campaign like “Akce Praha” from 2007 that managed to draw hordes of...

Want Ad

#jobs #prague #leisure & tourism #hostel #in #the: Hostel in the center of Prague is looking for the front desk… — expatscz (@expatscz) May 21, 2013     The people who have taken the...

Paint Buckets on a Tram Shelter

Somebody dumped some paint buckets and a red hat on a tram shelter? It’s an advert by a home loan bank, something like guerilla marketing, found at Florenc.    

Chinese Company Misused President as Supermodel

Once again a post about a person from Prague abroad – or actually his image. This was first reported last October – sorry about the delay. When president Václav Klaus received an e-bike as...

Á pojď mi hop!

Actually I wanted to finish with posts about Zeman but now I cannot miss that one. If you don’t watch Czech TV, start with the original advertising spot – otherwise just skip it: Then...

Viral Ad Park Bench

This was a viral campaign of the agency Mark BBDO for the traditional Czech liqueur Becherovka – a herbal bitters brewed in the West-Bohemian spa town of Karlovy Vary using a secret recipe, which...

Prague’s Bogus Super Hero

One year ago, Prague’s petty crime scene was profoundly shaken up by a local super hero who intervened at the grass-roots level to fight parking offenders, smokers, people urinating in public and dog owners...