Second Round in Street Light Fight Brings Decapitation

Here is a follow-up on the story about the altered street lights. The figures of pedestrian lights have now been “decapitated” in protest to Roman Týc’s sentence, as the news server Czech Position reports. The group Ztohoven – where Týc is a member – claims not to be responsible.

I close this short notice with a video of a – virtual – nuclear blast that was hacked by Ztohoven into the broadcast of the Czech public television, turning the view of an idyllic Czech countryside into a nightmare. Enjoy!


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2 Responses

  1. Suleimenova Karina says:

    Good morning, was it a real explosion or not? If yes, can you tell me the exact day, month and year(if you have this information,please! I need it for personal matter. Thanks a lot for your comprehension .