Prague Zoo to Produce Paper From Elephant Output

The Prague zoo seems to have found a magic spell to turn poop into gold. According to news sources, it plans to establish an on-site manufacture to produce paper from elephant droppings. Surprisingly, this seemingly outlandish idea is already well-established in many zoos, and it has a long tradition in Sri Lanka. And, let’s not forget, many people even make money from their own bullshit.

So what would you do with a sheet of Prague zoo paper? Here are some ideas:

  • Paint a stunning calligraphy for your partner’s anniversary. Protip: Use only ink that harmonizes with the canvas.
  • Wrap your children’s lunch sandwich – with that certain extra bit of flavor. The kids will love it.
  • Write a hearty thank-you note to your congressman and rest assured you’ll finally get the full attention you deserve.



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