Prague Town Hall Dislikes Anti-Racist Use of Czech Flag

The project “Selection Procedure for Czech-Roma Flag” has received negative responses not only from anti-Roma groups. The municipality of Prague 7 has now decided to prosecute the Slovak artist Tomáš Rafa for misusing the Czech flag – namely for replacing white by green and adding a wheel.

Flags on Prague Artwall

source: Artwall/media reporting

The initiative originates from a right-wing politician, and, as the organizer Artwall Gallery correctly says:

It is paradoxical that the final result here is that an artist challenging people to be tolerant of other nationalities is found guilty of abusing state symbols, instead of the people who exploit those same symbols to spread racial hatred being found guilty of their abuse.

I would call the municipality’s reaction absurd, to say the least. You really ask yourself what are the mindsets of the people who are making decisions there. Are they actually qualified for their job?

What will be their next move? Perhaps sue the Philippines? Or Nike?

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