The Parsley Affair

source: the soup bar's previous Facebook page

source: the soup bar’s previous Facebook page

The soup bar Dobrá Polévka (‘Good Soup’) has gained dubious fame after they have published four photos of their dishes on their Facebook page1previously here that visitors have ridiculed as being over-decorated with parsley. The page owners reacted on some comments in a touchy or patronizing manner, which again caused some to complain and others to chime in. Moreover, a blog called Nasty Blonde interprets the “w” (instead of the correct “v”) in “Dobrá Poléwka” as attempt to be “terribly cool”2As cool as calling yourself “nasty”, I guess..

The bistro has apparently reacted by removing the ‘parslified’ photos and with them the critical and derisive comments.

But there are also different voices. This author criticises the attacks, saying that the mob has found a defenceless victim who to batter from a safe position while they themselves would not be able to offer a better performance. The bistro’s unprofessional promotion, he continues, actually speaks in favour of small businesses.

By: postbear eater of worlds. Just for illustration, not from Dobrá Polév/wka.

Although some reactions on Facebook are indeed quite patronizing, I think that his argument makes a good point since I don’t sympathize too much much with huge corporations that can spend millions for flawless PR work, and I don’t want to give them an advantage over small or family businesses. Otherwise we should not be too surprised to end up one day only with fast food in town because small restaurants don’t dare to put their photos online. This, of course, does not excuse the lacking ability to receive criticism.

Looking at this virtual skirmish, it is difficult, if not impossible to find your place and I’d rather claim my right not to take sides. It is really weird that this all has been triggered by some parsley and that it – i.e. the affair, not the parsley – has grown to these dimensions.

The incriminated soup bar, by the way, is a cosy place to have a light lunch or coffee… although I need to mention that their soups have been much better from the previous chef.


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  1. Chris says:

    Replying to my own post: The owner has changed again (I think the first cook is back), and so did the name. It’s now “Bistro Špajz” and it made an excellent impression.