Occasional Loss of Temper

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2 Responses

  1. Pérák says:

    Sadly no, “Please” seems to have next to no effect when it comes to Czech ability to respect written directions. Generally, there are two kinds of people in Czechia: those who respect signs (regardless of whether they say “please” or not) and those who ignore them.

    Although I admit, there are some who actually go out of their way to disobey the sign just because it didn’t say “please”. I’m one of those people. When there’s a sign that says “No loitering!”, I take care to stop, lean against the wall and spend at least a minute or two loitering about. But that’s really just an example of Czech “švejkism”. 😛

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for your confession!
      Actually, the “occasional” in the title really means that this doesn’t happen very often. I think it is a particular type of person who overreacts this way.

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