Nazi UFOs over Prague?

There is some evidence suggesting that UFOs were developed and tested by Nazi engineers in Prague and witnessed also in other places of Bohemia, the land of the sceptics. Yet another item in the list of mysterious wonder weapons? I think that some engineers simply found a way how to have a good time during bad times.

Nazi UFO

From the movie Iron Sky. A huge amount of somewhat similar movies wouldn’t exist without Nazi decor.

(Turn on captions for English subs.)

Czechs in outer space? It was not only the astronaut (“kosmonaut”) Vladimír Remek (now EU parliamentarian for the communist party – there must be something very alien out there) who managed to stay away that far from home. At least not in fiction: Ikarie XB 1 is a Czech science fiction film from 1963 that is said to have inspired even Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

If you liked the trailer why not watch the entire film.

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