Mysterious Boxes Remain Unopened for 200 Years

Two mysterious boxes – each weighing over 300 kilograms – are the strange heritage left behind by the Czech botanist and pharmacologist Bohuslav Jiruš. While he didn’t give a hint what on earth they might contain, he sealed them with the instruction not to open them before November 16, 2101.

Speculations about their content are naturally running wild, ranging from an anti-aging drug or unknown species of flora and fauna to dangerous poisonous or infectious specimen. Others assume they might simply contain furniture or personal belongings of Jiruš, like the pair of socks he used to wear during his expeditions, bringing us back to the list of contaminated items.

The National Museum decided to let people vote on the question whether to open, or at least to scan the boxes and reveal their secret. It all resulted in the decision to leave the boxes untouched. After 111 years of patience, it is said, we should be able to bear also the remaining 89 years.

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