Havel’s Heritage Pronounced Dead

The new president will be Miloš Zeman. Václav Klaus commented on the result that “Truth and love defeated lie and hatred”. By “lie and hatred” he meant not only Zeman’s opponent Schwarzenberg – who was after all elected by 45% of the voters – but also his arch-enemy, the late Václav Havel and his ideas.

Statue of Saint Wenceslaus. The hand-written reads: "Forgive your people their stupidity" source

Signs of frustration at the statue of Saint Wenceslaus. The hand-written reads: “Forgive your people their stupidity” – source

This election was more about the consolidation of traditional Czechhood and its demarcation against outer threats and inner impurities, rather than finding a person who will advocate values and guide the country through his (or her – talking about the far future) good example. For Klaus it was beyond that a welcome stage to indulge once more in his infamous narcissism. The country remains now, not least due to his inflammatory remarks, split into two camps, one of which (mostly in the bigger towns) rejects Zeman as president. Zeman will have a hard time to reunite the people.

“Home is where you feel most frustrated about politicians,” my late granny used to say. Not necessarily there where you can vote.

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