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“Brm” sounds to me a bit like “Brno” but no, it’s in Prague. Brmlab is a hackerspace launched in mid 2010 that serves as a roof for several hacker1BTW: In its original meaning, the word “hacking” does not imply criminal activities. activities. Most of them of technical nature, some online, others in the real world (or “away from the keyboard” if you consider the Internet a part of reality). A big part of the information on their pages is in English since the organizers seek to maintain contact to the international hackersphere.

If you happen to be nearby: Tonight seems to be one of their meetups.

A selection of their projects:

Food Hacking – hacking the alcohol into the beer? Or something like that.

BrmBüro – quoting the “General Architectural Overview”:

(i) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection 3 of Section A of Clause 214 of the Administrative Procedures (Scotland) Act 1978, it has been agreed that, insofar as the implementation of the statutory provisions is concerned, the resolution of anomalies and uncertainties between responsible departments shall fall within the purview of the Minister for Administrative Affairs.

Brmbot Outdoor – building a robot that would survive a rain shower and a contest.

Kilt – making a kilt (on a 3D printer?).

…and probably the most prominent:

Kanárci – in cooperation with partners: Measure the air pollution with your smartphone.


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