DNA Test on Unclaimed Dog Poop to Track Down Owners in Prague

Czech mayors take their jobs seriously. A new website called the “Database of Dogs” that, according to its own information, was initiated by the mayor of Prague 7 Marek Ječmének himself promises to clean the pavements by tracking down negligent pet owners through a DNA database of dogs. The idea is not new, yet very progressive in Prague’s history of projects that seek its beautification.
Admittedly, the sidewalks of many Prague neighborhoods resemble mine fields and the pleasure of strolling through this amazing town is often damaged by the feeling of walking in the toilet bowl of other people’s pets.

On the other hand, it won’t take long until we will see this noble endeavor becoming a misguided CSI Prague – hunting down four-legged troublemakers instead of investigating into the tragic deaths of, say, swans:

After a decade in Prague observing drunken people behaving like dogs, I cannot but wonder whether the DNA tests will be able to distinguish between human and canine DNA.

If you, however, like the idea of fighting shit with high-tech, you can even become its fan on Facebook.

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