The Demolition of “Hotel Praha”

“Hotel Praha” was built in 1981 and survived just a bit longer than 30 years. The hotel was closed down in 2013 as economically not viable and then bought by the millionaire Petr Kellner who decided to demolish the structure to establish here a branch of his private school. The real reason, some say, was simply that after 5pm the monumental building threw a shadow on his luxurious mansion. The structure was removed from January to June 2014.

Although the building was considered an example of “Brutalism,” the prevailing architectural style of the late communist era, you heard many people speaking in favour of keeping it as – ugly but not less important – part of the Prague heritage. Also, Kellner may not be the most-loved celebrity among the Czechs since his decisions changed not only a whole neighbourhood’s face but often deeply interfere with nation-wide politics for his personal goals.

These photos were taken in April 2012:

There is a new documentary about the demolition and the complexity of people’s views on it, worth watching.

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