A Czech Tunnel to the Mediterranean Sea

Possibly one of the weirdest plans in the history of Czech (O’Slovak) engineering is a tunnel through the Alps that would allow Czechoslovaks to access the Mediterranean Sea with their very own beach.  No, this message is not dated from the 1st of April. The professor of economy Karel Žlábek has really proposed the plan in the 60s to drill a tunnel through the Alps and build an artificial peninsula, called “Adriaport” (gallery). The distance of 350 km was planned to take only 2 hours by train – that’s much faster than crossing the republic.

These bold plans have inspired Adéla Barbanová to create the mockumentary “Návrat do Adriaportu” (“The return to Adriaport”) according to which the tunnel was eventually built in 1980. Her work is currently on display in the Municipal Gallery of Prague.

You can watch a longer report in Czech on the website of the Czech TV.

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  1. January 5, 2016

    Ein Zugang zum Meer unter den Alpen hindurch ist schon mal angedacht worden: https://t.co/rjEmbL5HUk https://t.co/HIq0hgmgYM