Czech Software Pirate Convicted to Promote Anti-Piracy Video

A busted Czech software pirate called Jakub needs to get 200,000 views for a video where he tells about his story and the trouble resulting from his misdeeds. According to the plaintiffs (reported by Torrentfreak), the damage caused by his activities amounted to US$ 373,000.

Jakub has set up a website where he asks supporters to watch his video. “If I promote my story and my video gets at least 200 thousand views, I will only serve the general part of my sentence,” he is quoted by Torrentfreak. The title of the video says it all: “With sharing it began, with sharing it may end.”

Currently it has over 400,000 views – mission accomplished? I’m still not confident that this story is real and not a PR stunt gone viral.

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