Communism’s Belated One-Finger Salute to Prague

One of the most visible landmarks of Prague is the tv tower in the Žižkov neighborhood, built between 1985 and 1992 and thus one of the Communist-era structures that live on beyond the Velvet Revolution. You will hardly find anyone praising the exceptional beauty of this building, or its miraculous ability to blend into the view of Prague’s famous old town. This tower rather resembles a rocket that is ready for launch, or maybe a gigantic phallus (for the Freudians among us) – a notion that is not too far-fetched in the context of Czech popular culture.

When you climb up the tower, make sure you stop at the baby sculptures that were designed by the artist David Černý. The building has recently received an “internal facelift,” featuring now a posher-than-ever bar and a one-room hotel above the roofs for people who really need to get it up in Prague.

photos: Wikipedia
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