Chinese Company Misused President as Supermodel

Author of photo: reader of

Guewer… or is it the Chinese spelling of “MacGyver“? No, it’s Klaus… going green.
Make sure you try to call that number. Maybe it’s him.
Author of the photo: a reader of

Once again a post about a person from Prague abroad – or actually his image. This was first reported last October – sorry about the delay.

When president Václav Klaus received an e-bike as gift from a Chinese company, he decided to express his gratitude by sending them a signed photo of himself riding that bike.

How could he possibly foresee that his same photo would once end up on Chinese billboards!

So what has happened to these billboards?

I assume that Klaus eventually decided to appreciate them. After all, when again will he have the opportunity to be the “No. 1” in China.

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