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TV Tower and Hotel Ještěd

Czech Hotels in TV Towers

Opinions differ about the aesthetic value of Prague’s TV tower but hardly anyone can deny that it has become a landmark in Prague’s skyline, which is otherwise dominated by low, centuries-old structures. Some people...

Contaminated Drinking Water From a Mystery Pipe

The Cold War era still seems to tarnish today’s life in Prague. One example is the drinking water supply system. Last weekend, close to 200 people in Prague’s districts Dejvice and Bubeneč were treated...

The Demolition of “Hotel Praha”

“Hotel Praha” was built in 1981 and survived just a bit longer than 30 years. The hotel was closed down in 2013 as economically not viable and then bought by the millionaire Petr Kellner...

Open-Air Office in the Park

The people behind the project “Pracovna v parku” plan to establish an outdoor office space in the park Riegrovy Sady. All you need for your work under trees is a table, a chair, electricity and Wi-Fi, the initiators say.

Crushing Test on Dancing Building

Another entry for the “Tourist Shot User Manual”. There must be room for many variations of this gag – like the one from Pisa: Source of main photo

Bike to Heaven

Now you can contribute to a new memorial for Jan Bouchal – “Bike to Heaven” by Krištof Kintera. The organizers say they still need around Kč200,000 (roughly US$10,000) for silver-coating the lamp post, transport...

X-Mas Timetable

The town hall has to save money. And where better to do that than on public transportation. This timetable, however, looks rather absurd.

The Largest Stalinist Building in Prague

If you arrive to Prague by train from Berlin or Dresden, at about the same time when the conductor is trying to make his English announcement for the station Praha Holešovice, you can see...