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red pants on prague castle (

Red Shorts Hoisted on Prague Castle

The political artist group “Ztohoven” has hoisted red boxer shorts on Prague castle, replacing the official Czech flag, to protest president Zeman’s close alliance with the Chinese government.  

The Reason Why You Should Vote

This campaign spot of the Social Democrats for the upcoming EU election has received mixed responses. The spot apparently tries to interest young voters for political issues by drawing the far, far-fetched connection to...

Velvet Carnival

A short teaser for the Velvet Carnival on November 17 – certainly worth a visit:

A Finger on the River for the Castle

David Černý, the “general provocateur” of the republic, has sent a clear message to president Zeman when he let a purple finger float down the Vltava river, directed to the castle. Find further photos...

New “Akce Praha” Ahead?

So the Minister of Interior has proclaimed to recruit thousands of police officers in 2014. Can we hope to see another recruitment campaign like “Akce Praha” from 2007 that managed to draw hordes of...

Narcissus for Václav Klaus

There is a group on Facebook inviting people to lay down daffodils in the centre of Prague on March 7.

Á pojď mi hop!

Actually I wanted to finish with posts about Zeman but now I cannot miss that one. If you don’t watch Czech TV, start with the original advertising spot – otherwise just skip it: Then...

Havel’s Heritage Pronounced Dead

The new president will be Miloš Zeman. Václav Klaus commented on the result that “Truth and love defeated lie and hatred”. By “lie and hatred” he meant not only Zeman’s opponent Schwarzenberg – who...