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Prague Cop With Romantic Streak

This officer’s initiative had a better impact on the Prague police’s image than many sophisticated campaigns.

The Right to a Seat

Viral video recorded in the Prague metro. I think you can enjoy it even without understanding the language.

TV Interview: Finance Minister Dozes Off While Talking

Miroslav Kalousek makes several attempts to answer a question about tax relief for victims of the flood disaster during a telephone interview with TV Nova – with a notably heavy tongue. Eventually he surrenders...

Nicky lajf and Karaoke

If you remember the clip Ryč boj and if you read these lines, why not try to survive also the lajf version: Should you have problems to understand the text – no problem, one...

Trousers at Half-Mast

You remember the day when many Czechs rolled up their trousers to honor Václav Havel? Now the “supporters” of Václav Klaus got inspired and ask people to fly their pants at “half-mast” – as...

Online Short-Term Baby Rental

Not all couples who would be good parents are lucky to have a child. And not all children who deserve a family have one. Many of them spend their entire childhood in orphanages all...

Imminent Viking Invasion in Prague

Prague has already seen many invasions, the latest ones by tourist groups clogging the streets, blindly following their flock and trying to get hit by oncoming traffic in the middle of the streets. Sometimes,...

Graffiti Shopping List

Artistic expression or vandalism? Or a new trend to use walls as notepads? This one from Berlin is particularly weird – a van advertising removal of graffiti.

Chinese Company Misused President as Supermodel

Once again a post about a person from Prague abroad – or actually his image. This was first reported last October – sorry about the delay. When president Václav Klaus received an e-bike as...

Kafka on Prague, Revisited

Artists call them claws while drivers use to call them wheel clamps. Poster by reSITE