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Andrej Babis, Bitcoin

“Nobody Uses Bitcoin”

The current Czech Finance Minister and boss of Agrofert and several media outlets, Andrej Babiš, was derided on a wall in Holešovice …

Franz Kafka Monument Prague

7 Weird Facts About Kafka

1. Kafka was a vegetarian and took interest in gardening Kafka was a vegetarian for health and ethical reasons. But: Although Kafka …

What is a “Fíra”?

Maybe not what you think. In the “railway slang” it means “metro driver”, as you can read on this job advertisement.

One Black Tea With Milk … Jardo, pojď sem!

Great campaign! I have experienced that so many times.

For the bonus laugh: Turn on the auto-generated subtitles.

If you speak some Czech, you might have noticed that Czechs sometimes address Vietnamese informally while they, on the other hand, naturally expect to be addressed formally.

The Homeless Millionaire

František Václavek is probably one of the world’s few homeless millionaires – not because of the weak Czech currency but because his …

Do-It-Yourself Public Transport

On Tuesday, passengers lent a hand to push-start their tram. The train (model Škoda 15T, weighing 42 metric tons) had stopped exactly …

The Curious Case of Dr. Dysentery

Something really funny from the history of medicine. This is how it happened: In 1887, the pathologist Dr. Jaroslav Hlava writes an …

The Right to a Seat

Viral video recorded in the Prague metro. I think you can enjoy it even without understanding the language.

Nicky lajf and Karaoke

If you remember the clip Ryč boj and if you read these lines, why not try to survive also the lajf version: …

Trousers at Half-Mast

You remember the day when many Czechs rolled up their trousers to honor Václav Havel? Now the “supporters” of Václav Klaus got …