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Auto auf Treppe

Satnav Sends German Car On a Staircase

A romantic trip through snowy Prague has ended with an unexpected adrenaline rush, Metro reports. Apparently, some satnav devices are not quite ready for the intricate road layout of Prague.   Source of photo:...

"Elephant Urine" in Prague Zoo, Bottle

Prague Zoo Selling “Elephant Urine”

“The new herbal liquor of the Prague Zoo is suited as aperitif or digestif”, the Zoo describes on its Facebook page. 0.5 liters of the yellow liquid can be bought for 185 CZK but...

Prague Zoo to Produce Paper From Elephant Output

The Prague zoo seems to have found a magic spell to turn poop into gold. According to news sources, it plans to establish an on-site manufacture to produce paper from elephant droppings. Surprisingly, this...

sanity lost

Sanity for Sale

In Prague it’s so easy to lose your sanity… (translation: “Seasonal sell-off of sanitary installations”)

Race the Tube in Prague

The attempt to beat the Prague metro on foot has failed with only a few seconds behind. The race took place between the stations Hůrka and Nové Butovice on line B (the yellow line),...

The Prague Map of Door Handles

What, in your opinion, constitutes a picturesque city? The overall impression, or the sum of details? In Prague, you probably need to consider both, as demonstrated by the map of door handles1 that complements...

Street Art

“My father is a terrorist” – confessed in Prague 7.