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Camel Balls, filled with liquid 0

Camel Balls, Extra Sour And Liquid Filled

It’s Halloween, somebody rings at your door, you open and see a bunch of kids shouting: “Trick or treat!” So what do you give them? Tricks? Treats? Or both?

Piano in a Prague park 1

Piano and Bookcase in a Park

The park Heraldovy sady in the Prague quarter Vršovice is really beautiful, full of fine old trees and surrounded by picturesque facades, just like many other Prague parks. When you walk around the central lawn,...

Flying object in Dlouha trida street, Prague 0

Flying Goggles

Found above Dlouhá street in Prague. What actually is it?   EDIT: I received a reply on twitter: it's from Roxy gallery. One time there was a gold bone — Jan Marek (@marek_jan)...

Prague coat of arms 0

Violence is Not a Solution

Prague’s coat of arms includes what appears to be a knight hidden inside a castle whose only visible part is his arm, threatening with a sword. In the underpass of the metro station Palmovka...

Peeing statues in Prague 0

The Peeing Statues

In the courtyard of the Hergetova cihelna (now housing the Franz Kafka Museum) you find two bronze statues who are peeing into a basin that is shaped like the Czech Republic. Their hips and...

Auto auf Treppe

Satnav Sends German Car On a Staircase

A romantic trip through snowy Prague has ended with an unexpected adrenaline rush, Metro reports. Apparently, some satnav devices are not quite ready for the intricate road layout of Prague.   Source of photo:...

"Elephant Urine" in Prague Zoo, Bottle

Prague Zoo Selling “Elephant Urine”

“The new herbal liquor of the Prague Zoo is suited as aperitif or digestif”, the Zoo describes on its Facebook page. 0.5 liters of the yellow liquid can be bought for 185 CZK but...