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Flying object in Dlouha trida street, Prague

Flying Goggles

Found above Dlouhá street in Prague. What actually is it?   EDIT: I received a reply on twitter: @weirdprague it's from Roxy …

Prague coat of arms

Violence is Not a Solution

Prague’s coat of arms includes what appears to be a knight hidden inside a castle whose only visible part is his arm, …

Peeing statues in Prague

The Peeing Statues

In the courtyard of the Hergetova cihelna (now housing the Franz Kafka Museum) you find two bronze statues who are peeing into …

Did Stalin clean after his dog?

Stalin’s Dog

Don’t be a bad guy. Clean after your dog, unlike Stalin.

sanity lost

Sanity for Sale

In Prague it’s so easy to lose your sanity… (translation: “Seasonal sell-off of sanitary installations”)

Race the Tube in Prague

The attempt to beat the Prague metro on foot has failed with only a few seconds behind. The race took place between …

The Prague Map of Door Handles

What, in your opinion, constitutes a picturesque city? The overall impression, or the sum of details? In Prague, you probably need to …

Street Art

“My father is a terrorist” – confessed in Prague 7.