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Prague TV tower rocket

The Secret Behind The Prague TV Tower

These videos are already six years old but still worth a mention. Watch the famous Prague tv tower take to the skies: These videos were part of an advertising campaign by the Czech car...

Most Unfortunate Street View Photo

The street view photo that the Czech map provider shows for a restaurant could probably not be more unfortunate: The camera points directly into an ambulance. The presence of the paramedics had probably...


Beer Cheaper than Petrol?

This Central Bohemia filling station offers a one-stop shop for thirsty drivers: “Natural 95” petrol, diesel and, er, Pilsner Urquell beer. Thanks to Richard Selby, who submitted this photo along with the following note:...

Jonas Strouhal, Alzak mascot

Burnt-out Mascot Alzák

In a recent video the mascot of the consumer electronics shop named Alzák is shown walking around totally exhausted, looking a lot like a desperate homeless man. As reported by A2larm, this is...

Camel Balls, filled with liquid

Camel Balls, Extra Sour And Liquid Filled

It’s Halloween, somebody rings at your door, you open and see a bunch of kids shouting: “Trick or treat!” So what do you give them? Tricks? Treats? Or both?

locomotive pram

Taking the Train or the Pram?

What does this sign tell us? A) How to get to the trains and the prams. B) Which way to take when you drive your locomotive or push a pram.  

Piano in a Prague park

Piano and Bookcase in a Park

The park Heraldovy sady in the Prague quarter Vršovice is really beautiful, full of fine old trees and surrounded by picturesque facades, just like many other Prague parks. When you walk around the central lawn,...

Flying object in Dlouha trida street, Prague

Flying Goggles

Found above Dlouhá street in Prague. What actually is it?   EDIT: I received a reply on twitter: it's from Roxy gallery. One time there was a gold bone — Jan Marek (@marek_jan)...