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Prague TV Tower Is Actually A Rocket

This video is already three years old but currently going viral again in social media: The Prague TV tower in Žižkov is “on the run”, launched into space. Best watched in full screen!

R2-D2 on a shelter in Prague 0

The Star Wars Robot R2-D2 in Prague

If you are a Star Wars fan and live in Prague, you probably don’t want to miss this: Unknown street artists have turned a bomb shelter in the park Folimanka into the robot R2-D2...


Airborne and on the road to Prague

This is probably one of the coolest ways how to travel to Prague: EDIT: The original video stopped working. The trip started in Přerov and ended on Prague’s central Wenceslas Square. This unusual...

Prague, David Cerny's Trifot

Trifot: Orwellian Robot Spies on Passers-by

A giant robot named “Trifot” stands just outside Nové Butovice metro station. The eyeballs are moving around, apparently watching people as they walk by. Six monitors display the images caught by the cameras. This...

Zeppelin DOX Prague

Wooden Zeppelin Over DOX

The DOX gallery has completed yet another crazy project: Gulliver. Perhaps you remember the red skull rotating over the roof? Now you find there a huge Zeppelin that looks really impressive, like stranded on...

Prague surveillance camera

Open Surveillance Cameras in Prague

The project Insecam collects the streams of surveillance cameras, among them live cameras in Prague. These images are publicly available without any hacking, since their owners put them online and chose (or forgot) to...

Rock Sorting Robot

A Robot With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

This is probably one of the world’s least useful robots: A machine that sorts 7,000 stones by type and age. The classification is based on the dominant color, the color composition, and histograms of...

Prague’s Poetry Jukebox

    Prague has now a “Poeziomat” – an automat for poetry. You can find it at the square Náměstí míru and it recites Czech poetry for free. One of the authors, Ondřej Kobza,...

The Cross Club Clockworks

The phantastic clockworks outside the Cross Club in Prague Holešovice have fascinated me from the first moment I saw them. You probably know the rotating lights when you have ever passed at night. I...

Dished Up

An extraterrestrial object on a roof in Prague, by Jakub Geltner.   EDIT: The item at Prague Veletržní palác (back side):

Flying Bicycle Took Off

The flying bicycle, created by Czech engineers and hobbyists, has successfully managed to take off. Now the team only needs to figure out how a pilot could safely operate that machine. I think that...