The Café Where Your Drinks Come on a Hand Hoist

This weird thing is not directly situated in Prague. Count with a 35- to 60-minute bus or train ride out of town. But it’s worth it. Chances are that you have never seen anything like that before.

Café with hand operated hoist in Mělník

You don’t want to climb those stairs while carrying a full tray.

With its castle above the confluence of the Vltava and the Labe (Elbe) rivers, the small town of Mělník makes for a nice day trip anyway. Near the central square you will notice an old gateway with a tower (“Pražská brána”), inside of which you can climb up a narrow stairwell into a café with a gallery.

Being fit into a medieval tower, this café had to adjust to the fact that guest sit on multiple and rather tiny storeys. No waiter would be able to run up and down the steep stairs all day. The solution they came up with is ingenious, because it perfectly contributes to the atmosphere of the old tower, with its clockwork in the upper floor.

Café with hand operated hoist in Mělník


The central part of the room is open, and on one side they installed a hand-driven hoist with a rope and a small platform. On the highest level, this elevator even runs through a hole in the table.

Café with hand operated hoist in Mělník

The café’s top floor. The tower still continues above.

So, how exactly do you order? First you choose from a menu. Then you write down the number on a piece of paper, which you send down to the staff. After some minutes, you will receive your order. Before leaving, you place your dishes back on the mobile tray.

In order to alert the waitress, you always need to ring a bell. There is no electricity involved. Remember: This is medieval high-tech.

The Café in the Tower promises to open every day, at least from noon. They close, however, already at 8:30 if they have no customers.



(The original information appeared on a German travel blog.)

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