Breathtaking: The Czech Grand Canyon

Are you afraid of heights?

Large America in Bohemia

Welcome to “Amerika”!

This is the most breathtaking landscape I have ever seen in the Czech Republic!

It is forbidden to enter these former limestone quarries or even step closer but many people ignore the signs and look down from the edge of the rock. Fortunately, there is a safe platform with a wooden fence in the north-eastern corner of the gorge.

Czechs call these quarries “The Czech Grand Canyon”. You find them close to Mořina, north of the castle Karlštejn, and their view is stunningly beautiful!

The largest quarry is called “Velká Amerika”1“large America”, and the quarry “Mexiko” was once infamous as a penal camp.

You can walk up from Karlštejn, or take the bus from Prague. I don’t recommended a visit during nighttime or after rainfalls. The loamy ground can be very slippery when it’s wet. Better safe than sooooooooooooorryyyyyyy…

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