One Black Tea With Milk … Jardo, pojď sem!

Great campaign! I have experienced that so many times.

For the bonus laugh: Turn on the auto-generated subtitles1Only on the YouTube page..

If you speak some Czech, you might have noticed that Czechs sometimes address Vietnamese informally while they, on the other hand, naturally expect to be addressed formally. Here is what can happen if our neighbors learn from us:

And, last but not least: Buying a train ticket with broken Czech. You may understand that spot even without knowing Czech if you have traveled here, visited a post office etc..

These spots were created by the Centrum pro integrace cizinců (Center for the integration of foreigners). To be fair, it must be added that the mentioned issues are not only Czech phenomena.

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  1. April 21, 2015

    One Black Tea With Milk … Jardo, pojď sem! prostřednictvím @weirdprague #expats #czech