Author: Christoph

Prague TV tower rocket

The Secret Behind The Prague TV Tower

These videos are already six years old but still worth a mention. Watch the famous Prague tv tower take to the skies: These videos were part of an advertising campaign by the Czech car...

Prag streetcar used for film shootings

Prag Tram On Tires

Beginning of July I noticed a highly unusual streetcar close to Prague’s Strossmayerovo square. It was a bit shorter than usual, audibly powered by a combustion engine and – most notably – it was...

Most Unfortunate Street View Photo

The street view photo that the Czech map provider shows for a restaurant could probably not be more unfortunate: The camera points directly into an ambulance. The presence of the paramedics had probably...

smashing window shopping

Smashing Window Shopping

This window sticker might inadvertently inspire customers to use their classy bag as a tool to smash the glass. And that lady certainly does it with verve!

Czech Republic vs. Czechia

I never thought that one day I would write anything like that: Some people strongly oppose the use of the name Czech Republic. Instead, they want you to use the short form Czechia. The...

Jonas Strouhal, Alzak mascot

Burnt-out Mascot Alzák

In a recent video the mascot of the consumer electronics shop named Alzák is shown walking around totally exhausted, looking a lot like a desperate homeless man. As reported by A2larm, this is...

100 Years, 2 Blogs

100 Years, 2 Blogs: Celebrate With Us

  In co-operation with, Weird Things in Prague – that’s us – is celebrating 100 years since the foundation of Czechoslovakia, in 1918. We are excited to be offering some extremely attractive giveaways...

Prague TV Tower Is Actually A Rocket

This video is already three years old but currently going viral again in social media: The Prague TV tower in Žižkov is “on the run”, launched into space. Best watched in full screen!

poullet beef menu translation Prague

Poullet Beef Burgers

Something you don’t eat every day: “Poullet Beef” burgers. Is this going to be some kind of beef from a poulet? Nope. It is trhané maso z hovězího krku and therefore pulled beef. I...

Methuselah Prague

The Day I Met Methuselah

On my way home I overtook that old man who was walking at quite a remarkable speed. Then I noticed his shirt. It says “paměť národa”, literally: “Memory of the nation”. It clearly refers...