(Almost) Free Drinks From a Shaman and a Dreamer

Jakub and "Šamanka Misandra"

Jakub and “Šamanka Misandra”

A new crowdfunding project seeks to open a café where you pay by time spent at the place, rather than for what you consume. “Africa Café” is a particularly ambitious project in a land where cold buffets can disappear in a matter of minutes. A key role in the business model seems to play the fact that Mrs. Fiala is working as a shaman[/mfn]Only now I realize that I haven’t properly checked the list of possible professions when registering my self-employment.[/mfn], while her husband and partner in that project characterizes himself as a dreamer.

That is an interesting mixture and – relying on a team of ghost waiters – you probably won’t have to wait for hours to receive your free cup of coffee. This café might even become the first place where I would prefer not to exaggerate the notion of “slow food”.


Here is the current status of the campaign:


Source of photos: crowdfunding website
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