Prague is, no doubt, a town that is shrouded in mystery and in an aura of “Kafkaesque” anguish. It is also characterized by its Austrian-Hungarian and its Cold War histories, by its longing for a fresh concept of Central Europe and the ambiguities caused by a hasty race for Western living standards. Among the amazing views of the town and incredible artistic creations, you will also find poverty, bitterness, and a good deal of pride, being the country’s undisputed center and the “heart of Europe” –  a metaphor often denoting the location rather than the kindness exposed to foreigners.

This blog tries not to lapse into the idyllic stereotypes promoted by tour operators and the people who believe in a place on earth that is unspoiled by evil and modernity. Neither does it try to gather a list of faults and failures.

I approach Prague with my very own eyes of a foreigner who lives here. That means that I have largely become blind for things that are irrelevant for my daily routine and that disappear in the background noise of Prague: traveling in the tramvaj, standing in the queue at the post office, avoiding the touristic places. Only every now and then I stumble upon something small, weird, noteworthy that makes me pause and that I would like to share here.

Please bear with me if updates come only very irregularly and sporadically, and if my English sounds a bit weird, too.



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