The 7 Weirdest Types of Hotels in the Czech Republic

My last post about the weirdest hotels is already a bit outdated and so it is time to edit and update the list. Here are now the 7 most unusual types of hotels in Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic.

1. In a TV Tower

Liberec: Hotel Ještěd

TV Tower and Hotel Ještěd
source: Wikipedia

Prague: One Room Hotel

Prague TV tower, Wikipedia
source: Wikipedia

2. In a Bunker

Brno: Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Hotel Nuclear Fallout Shelter in Brno
Hotel Nuclear Fallout Shelter in Brno
During daytime a part of the bunker is open for visits

3. In a Monastery

Author: Daniel Baránek, Wikimedia
trunk in Brevnov Monastery, Prague
Trunk in Břevnov Monastery

Prague: Strahov Monastery

Prague: Břevnov Monastery

Brno: St Thomas’s Abbey

The place where Gregor Mendel lived.


4. In a Fairy Tale Cottage

Prague: Hotel U Raka

This cottage is right behind the castle.

Prague Hotel U Raka
A beautiful fairy-tale cottage, just around the corner from the castle

5. In a Stalinist Skyscraper

Prague: Hotel International

Hotel International Prague
Hotel International Prague, formerly “Hotel Družba” – soviet style from the 1950s

6. In a Castle

Lednice. Author: Marcin Szala, Wikimedia

The Czech Republic is full of castles and châteaus1Search in Czech for “hrad” and “zámek”., check out for example Hrubá Skála, Lednice or a tiny house in the Castle Gardens of Valtice – why not sleep over in a park?

7. In a Mill

Český Krumlov. Author: Jerzy Strzelecki, Wikimedia

Listed are also former mills.

Czec Republic - wind mill - Ruzova
Author: Jitka Erbenová, Wikimedia

8. Bonus: In a Hospital

No, we are not recommending to ride a bike during rush hour. Since July 2019 visitors of Brno can sleep in a former hospital. The Franz Kafka Špital lets you enjoy an incredibly authentic atmosphere.

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    These are funny places. Thanks for sharing!

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