The 6 Weirdest Hotels in the Czech Republic

1. Liberec: Hotel Ještěd

TV Tower and Hotel Ještěd

source: Wikipedia


2. Prague: The One Room Hotel in the TV Tower

Prague TV tower, Wikipedia

source: Wikipedia


3. Brno: Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Hotel Nuclear Fallout Shelter in Brno

Hotel Nuclear Fallout Shelter in Brno

During daytime a part of the bunker is open for visits


4. Loket: Včerejší Svět (Yesterday’s World)

Loket Hotel Včerejší svět - Yesterday's World

Together with a museum off old stuff and a café


5. Prague: Hotel U Raka

Prague Hotel U Raka

A beautiful fairy-tale cottage, just around the corner from the castle


6. Prague: Hotel International

Hotel International Prague

Hotel International Prague, formerly “Hotel Družba” – soviet style from the 1950s

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