5.5 Years Weird Things in Prague

upside-down hanging horse in Prague

This image is one of the favourites of the folks googling for Czech reverse horses.

Darn, I missed it: The milestone anniversary.

Never mind. Now I’m celebrating 5.5 years of this blog. It is a weird number for a weird blog about a weird city.

The first article was about an awareness-raising art project:


Do-it-yourself bike lane


What actually triggered my idea to start a blog, however, was the discovery of a dead drop at a place where I passed by almost every day without ever noticing. Thinking about it, I found that Prague had more peculiar things to offer than most other places.

I started to write and I thought I would run out of topics after a year, or after two years, or three, …

A big Thank You also goes to you, the readers, who mysteriously managed to multiply.

Now, it’s time to lit 5.5 candles on the birthday cake and wish many more weird things to come!


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