Presidential Candidate: We Did Not Degenerate Because We Raped Our Serfs

Milos_Zeman_Brno_2008-WikipediaThe campaign for the Czech presidency has reached a new level when Miloš Zeman (whose name translates into English as “squire” – probably derived from the German “Sämann”, i.e. “sower”) presented rape as an asset provided to certain men through evolution:

Do you know the difference between princes and squires? Princes had the right of the first night, due to which they degenerated because they did not have to rape their female serfs, which means they did not have to use energy for the raping. On the other hand we, squires, always had to use much energy to fight out their rights, not only in the sphere of sex, and therefore we did not degenerate.

I am surprised that this topic would turn up in the first place… let alone the sick interpretation. Women rights advocates are, of course, not very amused and demand an apology.

Also Zeman’s competitor Karel Schwarzenberg, however, has no entirely clear record, having claimed that women can be made compliant with a “beautiful necklace”. He has already apologized.

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